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"Designed as a self-teaching fluency-building phonics program, "Master Spoken English" provides comprehensive training via speech exercises and drills. Both fluent native speakers of English as well as those with basic English skills can watch this program to increase resonance, clarity, fluency, and expressiveness. The program provides a color-coded phonic system to aid viewers in the exercises. Word lists precede connected speech, with practice scenes (from actual movies) comprising the third and final level of training. The producers' skill and attention to details such as lighting, composition, and camera work create a program that is useful, informative, and visually pleasing. This is a fine work. Recommended."
****Highest Rating
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"... Each video emphasizes the two most important aspects of achieving success: warm-up exercises to relax and focus the mind and body, and repetition of the exercises demonstrated. Animated sequences are used throughout the programs to show how sounds are formed in the mouth, which will be helpful for students whose native languages do not use similar sounds. ...This is an effective, useful program for speech instruction, and not just for speakers with foreign accents. Speakers with regional American dialects and general bad habits in speech can benefit as well. Each topic is explained thoroughly, and the animated sequences are most helpful for understanding how each sound is formed. The production quality is high, with good pace and sound... Recommended for academic and other libraries supporting ESL programs."
***1/2 Stars
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"...'Master Spoken English' delivers what most language programs don't even come close to achieving: a primer in American English as it's actually spoken. This series will be a boon to people who are trying to learn the speech patterns and intonations of spoken English. Highly Recommended."

"...Your series was one of the first items purchased at our startup as a program. ...Our program was recognized as a winner of the 'Program of Excellence' state award by the California Dept. of Education last year. One of the criteria for the award was the quality of the instructional materials used with our students. 'Master Spoken English' remains the best 'aerobic oral workout' for English-as-a-Second-Language students that our staff has found."
"...The tutors all responded in a positive and enthusiastic manner. They really enjoyed using techniques developed by speech coaches to train professional actors. One student learning ESL said that her whole family watched the tapes and practiced the breathing and stretching exercises. ...The library recently purchased additional copies of the series just to keep up with requests to check them out...I highly recommend their use."
"... As a person trained in theoretical linguistics--my doctoral dissertation in English Language from the University of Michigan discusses the phonology of a fifteenth-century northeastern Lancashire dialect--I particularly appreciate the practical way in which you approach the analysis and production of the specific speech sounds. Your emphasis on how the sound Feels in the mouth is just what ESL students need in order to develop the automaticity of pronunciation that will ensure their success in communicating with native speakers."

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