Phonics and Reading

Los Angeles Times "Phonics is Best Aid for Reading, Study Shows"

"… A federally funded study has demonstrated in real-world classrooms that intensive drills in phonics and the building blocks of words make young students better readers. … The University of Houston study is expected to become a turning point in the long-running debate between advocates of phonics and those who favor the whole language approach.”

"… The study comes down solidly on the side of phonics instruction. Reading gains for students taught the phonics way averaged twice those notched by students taught using whole language."

"… Students exposed to intensive phonics drills performed at the 42nd percentile on a standardized test, while those in whole language classes were at the 23rd percentile."

New York Times
"English Immersion / Phonics Replacing Whole Language"

"… Widely accepted research has found that readers need such sound and letter skills to become fluent. Not only does it enable readers to automatically recognize familiar words, it gives them tools to figure out ones they have never before encountered."

"… Pro-phonics educators have long contended that practicing the sounds and combinations of the alphabet helps transform halting readers into skillful ones." 

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