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Our business history

Our 5-DVD or 9-tape video series and book, "Master Spoken English - Feeling Phonics", was published in 1996 and is now in use in 58 different countries. Colleges and universities worldwide have recognized the need this training serves in enabling speakers of English to reach their full potential. Besides serving EFL and ESL needs, the series is used widely in learn-to-read programs. Meeting the needs of advanced communication skills courses, and providing beginning readers with the models to master the language, the program is uniquely structured to be both multi-level and multi-purpose. Phonics, as a science, has risen as the dominant tool for language learning. "Master Spoken English - Feeling Phonics" is an encyclopedia of phonics. Training, as it was designed to, first-graders and full-professors. Enabling readers to excel, and training speakers like professional actors.

About our staff

Emmy-winning Producer and Director of Photography, Lloyd Freidus (DP for Robert Altman) has created compositions for on-screen titling, utilizing a variety of studio sets and hip locations around Los Angeles. All skillfully engineered and mastered on broadcast quality professional equipment.

Writer-Producer, Gene Zerna, is a Voice and Speech Specialist with 40 years experience training actors in this system, and has developed its application to Accent Modification extensively since 1988, when he formed the A-Team (Accent Modification Specialists Team) in Los Angeles. The team consists of a Phonics Specialist, a Dialectician, and a Speech Coach who work under his direction in a team approach to training individuals to speak English effectively and without an accent. Mr. Zerna works as a dialect coach, director and actor. He has worked with James Earl Jones, Christopher Walken, David Carradine, and was a member of the acting company at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.

Private Coaching / Small Groups / Teacher Training: While Standard American English is our specialty, we can provide training in most world dialects. Training is available through High Definition/High Fidelity video teleconference in our online virtual training room, or on-site anywhere in the world. Stage/Film/TV or Corporate/School inquiries welcome.

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