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Course Description
This special edition e-course teaches all the core speech dynamics you need for a foundation to master spoken English. You will learn to feel tone and vibration, create well-formed vowels, and develop articulated consonants. Further, there is extensive linking and phrasing practice, which is the key to fluency. In addition, you will have full access to our newest edutainment practice material--adapted from the Academy Award nominated movie, "My Man Godfrey", which will keep you entertained while you are practicing. Two original fairy tales are also included here. These movie scenes are broken down for word lists and phrase links, all with color-coded subtitles. Plenty to keep you involved and challenged, no matter what level of English you now speak. SpeechMasters is committed to providing the highest level of training, with programs that are motivating and fun to use.

Outline of Videos

Reading and Phonic Structure - Phonograms defined. Color-coding of letters. Reading fluency. How a feeling-based phonic system is used to mentally imprint phonograms through sense-memory.

Speech Dynamics Structure - Strongly vibrating Tonal Vowels anchor your speech with good resonance. Structural Vowels give your speech volume, clarity, and projection. Consonant Action provides articulation and expressiveness. Color-coding of consonants into sustainable and plosive groups.)

Introduction to Tonal Action - Learning to feel speech as vibration, and develop a sense-memory for it.

Y-Buzz Siren - Exercise for increasing your range of tonality, and a stronger tone overall.

Structural Action -- Major Vowels - Learn how to create an "inverted megaphone" that enables your voice to project effortlessly. and the lip shapes that form the perfect shape or structure for these vowels:
#5-AH - as in "father"
#1-OO - as in "cool"
#51-OW - as in "thousand"
#5-AH (more practice) - additional word lists and sentences
#1-OO (more practice) - additional word lists and sentences
#51-OW (more practice) - additional word lists and sentences
Structural Vowels Sentences - Combining all the structural vowels in sentences, practiced in three stages of vocal energy.

Introduction to Neutral Vowels - Learn to keep the neutral vowels short by playing the consonants on either side of them.
Long A - as in "grapes"
Neutral 3-eh - as in "lend"
Neutral 3 Sentences - Neutral vowels practiced in sentences in a triple repetition
Introduction to Consonants - An overview of all the consonants. Playing the consonants first for Full Musical Value, then using the consonants to Support the Meaning. Individual consonant lessons have animations that show tongue movement and points of contact for feeling or vibration.
N - as in "phone"
B - as in "cab"
V - as in "drive"
TH - as in "brother"
GD - as in "hugged"
V-B Minimal Pairs - as in "curves/curbs"
Behind the Scenes - Funny things happen in speech class.
Direct Linking - Connected Speech is the key to real fluency. Learn how to link and phrase words together the way professional speakers do.

Linking Verbal Phrases - Lots of practice in linking together common pairs of words

Linking Idiomatic Phrases - as in "see eye to eye" or "safe and sound"

Word Endings: ATE - Common unstressed word endings, practiced in sentences combined with practice of contractions.

Introduction to Intonation - Use of pitch changes and rhythm variations, and understanding the American pitch pattern.
Intonation Practice Scene - The more pitch we use, the more ideas we express.
Intonation Patterns - Sentences from the Practice Scene diagrammed to clarify the relationship of parts of the sentences to the American pitch pattern.
GL/GR/KL/KR/KW - Rhythm Patterns and Consonant Clusters, or blends, are practiced in related word lists, then in challenging monologues.

Linked Phrases - The same monologue is now explored for its linked phrases, worked through phrase by phrase, then spoken as a complete speech at normal speed.

Movie Scene: City Outskirts - A complete movie scene is broken down into operative word lists, in a triple repetition at three stages of vocal energy. Then worked through phrase by phrase for linking practice. Then performed at normal speed.

"My Man Godfrey" Movie Scenes (14 scenes): Nominated for 6 Academy Awards, including Best Actor (Lead & Supporting), Best Actress (Lead & Supporting), Best Director, and Best Writing: "My Man Godfrey", starring William Powell and Carole Lombard has been adapted as an entertaining teaching tool. All scenes have word lists, phrase links, and color-coded subtitles. These scenes are particularly fun to work with. Lots of intensive practice, while you enjoy the story.

Fairy Tales (live action): With lists of operative words, phrase links, and subtitles color-coded to our unique phonics system. A company of five actors perform these stories, which are rich in cultural values and suitable for all ages.
"The Wings of the Butterfly" - A Tale of the Amazon Rainforest
"The Stone in the Temple" - An Islamic Legend

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DVD-1 Tonal Vowels
DVD-2 Structural / Neutral Vowels
DVD-3 Consonants
DVD-4 Connected Speech /Intonation

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