Voice and Speech Training probably reached its zenith under the ancient Greeks.  Systematic approaches began to flower in the 1950's and 60's, in service mainly to professional actors.
In todays culture, in politics and business, in the arts, and even in common daily exchanges,
a good speaker excels in most situations.

SpeechMasters Professional Training Materials

DVD-1 Tonal Vowels

DVD-2 Structural and Neutral Vowels

DVD-3 Consonant Energy

DVD-4 Connected Speech and Intonation

DVD-5 Practice Scenes and More Practice Scenes

Read about the relationship of Master Spoken English – Feeling Phonics (MSE) to other methodologies:
  • Phonics
    Phonics is essentially The Science of Sound. READ MORE

  • Speech Dynamics Structure (Spoken Fluency)
    The subtitle of this program is “Feeling Phonics”. The phonics system here is based on feeling, not listening. READ MORE

  • Reading and Phonic Structure (Reading Fluency)
    We don’t talk, read or spell by saying and thinking names of letters. Phonograms . . READ MORE

  • Accent Modification (Accent Reduction, Accent Elimination)
    Accent modification is the most accurate terminology, because you are really learning to change, alter, or modify your native accent or dialect. READ MORE

  • Pronunciation (Articulation, enunciation, speaking clearly)
    Pronunciation describes an end result, more than it does a process. READ MORE

  • Sample Lesson Plans
    Keep in mind that Master Spoken English is organized like a reference work. It’s organized by sound. READ MORE

  • Work Schedule
    This is not brain surgery. It’s making sounds. It’s learning to make sounds very well, and connect them together nicely. READ MORE

  • Speech and Voice Training
    The strong advantages of public speaking skills became obvious in the 2008 elections. READ MORE

BFA (Fine Arts) Goodman School of Drama
Art Institute of Chicago (1968) University of Chicago Majors in Acting, Directing, Technical Directing
3 years on full scholarship, Sara Siddons Scholarship
1 year NYU New York University, N.Y.C.
1 year University of Virginia, Directing
1 year Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, Hatha Yoga.
1 year Pittsburgh University, art direction.
Producer-Director and lead trainer on-camera talent in ‘Master Spoken English — Feeling Phonics” MSE
1993. Voice and Speech Trainer, multiple lower grades Pre-K to 4th Grade, half-days, 5 days a week,
Korean Preschool, Arlington and Olympic Blvds., Koreatown, 795 S. Wilton Place, Koreatown, Los Angeles, California
John Burroughs School, St. Louis (Westwood) Missouri
Played Algernon in Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Ernest"

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